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Vehicle Tyres in Grove & Wantage

Our tyre and fitting service provides you with the tyres your vehicle needs to perform safely and efficiently. We can also assist you with a tyre health check and advise on the correct approved tyres for your vehicle if they need to be replaced.

Tyre Services

we offer a full tyre-fitting service including wheel balancing. Wheels which are not balanced or that are out of balance can produce vibrations and premature wearing of suspension and steering components, rotating parts and tyres.

Correctly balanced wheels will help to eliminate vibration, avoiding the premature wear typically caused by an imbalance in the rotating wheel and tyre assembly. The first sign that wheels may be out of balance is when the steering wheel starts to wobble above a certain speed.  We balance the wheels using the latest tyre machine technology that automatically calculates the weight and location of the balance counter weight resulting in a smoother ride and prolongs the life of the tyres and suspension.


Tyre Services

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