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Vehicle Repairs in Grove & Wantage

At Grove Garage, you can expect nothing less than a quality service with minimum fuss for an affordable price. Situated in Grove, Oxfordshire, we offer a range of vehicle servicing packages and car repairs to keep you on the road.

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interim car servicing in grove

Cambelt Replacement

Most manufacturers suggest either a time- or mileage-based change, depending on which comes first. There's a lot of variation between both manufacturers and engines when it comes to when a change is due. This could range from 40,000 miles up to 100,000 miles, and from four years up to six years.

Major car servicing in wantage


If you are concerned about the condition of your car brakes, we provide a number of brake services, from a free, no-obligation brake check, to a brake fluid change or brake disc and calliper replacement we will make sure they’re in full working order to make sure you and your family remain safe on the road

DPF & Exhaust

You will most likely have a Diesel Particulate Filter or (DPF)  if you own a diesel car, as this helps to reduce emissions. However, if you drive lots of short miles then regular DPF maintenance is required. At Grove Garage, we offer a DPF clean and maintenance service to keep the filter working at an optimum level

Steering & Suspension

Your car’s steering and suspension system is made up of a number of different components to help ensure a smooth drive. However, problems with this system can be a nuisance and cause all kinds of damage to your vehicle, so it’s important to book in for steering and suspension repairs with Halfords at the first sign of trouble.


On average your battery they should last around four years, but extreme conditions like freezing weather (or leaving the lights on by accident) can quickly see it go flat. Also if you drive a lot of short miles, then your battery does not get much time to recharge, this can shorten the life of your battery

Air Conditioning

Diagnostic Checks

If you have that nagging warning lights that keep coming on your dashboard? Let Grove Garage qualified technicians quickly identify the problem and stop costly component failures. We use state-of-the-art car diagnostic test equipment and can make sense of baffling fault codes and advise on any necessary repairs.

Car Safety Check - Grove Garage

Safety Inspection

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Aircon Service

Ensure The Optimum Performance Of Your Air Conditioning System With A Regas And Recharge


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